Day 1 AM (After Macedonia)

Wanted to be at a lake again. Wind is blowing, sun is shining. Just like in Struga.

"So many cars and blocks of flats. I want to be at the lake," Andreea wrote to me a few hours ago. That's when it hit me. I have a lake near my house in Brașov!

I should go there!

Bought my internet data card, downloaded 3 songs (Waves, Are You With Me and Sun Goes Down - these 3 really hit home and actually express what we all feel now) on my tablet, grabed my headphones, my fake Macedonian sunglasses, my bike, my flip flops, the notes from you guys and some money and I left.

Went to a small market nearby and bought a lemon ice tea. It was the strangest I've felt buying something in my life. Asking for it in Romanian felt surreal, handing over Romanian money felt bizzare. Plastic money? Wtf? How many denars is that, again?

Nonetheless, I climbed to the highest point around the lake to take some pictures for you guys and started listening to music and reading your notes again.

The lake is 12345 times smaller than Ohrid lake, just a place to hang out in my neighborhood near the forrest. You can't swim in it, but you can sit and soak up the sun (it's very hot outside, but windy too) and the nature. Everything is green except for the perfectly blue sky. There's also a small island in the middle. A lot of people are tanning in the sun, old people walking around, families with kids as well. Boats that look like swans, a zip line that takes you from one side of the lake to the other (you can see a yellow pole in one of the pictures - that is the starting point, and you go in the air hanging on a hook to the other side over the lake), people making barbecues etc.

Listening to Szilvia's song while I write this over and over again. People passing by not knowing shit about what I've done over the last 42 days, not knowing how I feel. It is strange, since everybody I've talked to in this period knew what was going on with me. For them I'm just a guy listening to music and chating on his mobile device.

I could write more, probably, but my fingers are already numb and I want to enjoy this even more.

My thoughts go to all over Europe for you.

It would be cool to have a map with lines that connect everyone of us in the places we are right now. It would make good visuals.

There will probably be some P.S.'s to this post.


Nothing's ever what we expect
But they keep asking where we're going next
All we're chasing is the sunset
Got my mind on you
Doesn't matter where we are are are are
Doesn't matter where we are are are ar-are
Doesn't matter no
If there's a moment when it's perfect
We'll carve our names
As the sun goes down

P.P.S. Bees are coming to me and I can imagine them saying "Who is this guy? I've never seen him before" as they move on my leg. Now an old man sat next to me on the bench. I'm smiling.

Just thought of what I'd do at the lake in Struga, or what I'd do after going to the lake, and remembered that the first name my city of Brașov had was Corona. But there is no Corona in reach for me to drink a ice coffee.